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Ontem, hoje e amanhã

Desde sempre Ana Malhoa se preocupou com o Planeta e isso reflecte-se nas suas músicas.
Já em pequena cantava "O amanhã melhor", a seguir veio : "Se um dia fosse rica", "Amen" , "Se eu tivesse uma vassoura", e os mais recentes são : "Vencer sem armas" e "Triumph without weapons".

Título: Triumph without weapons
Álbum: Atlanticos feat Ana Malhoa
Ano: 2006

No matter what you´re look like
No matter where you from
We´re fighting without weapons
We fight for nothing but love
That weapons rule the hole world
And mother nature too
That people die of hunger
Must make the world revolt through you

Refr.: There´s no time to lose
now it´s time to start it
we can´t close our eyes to
all the distress all around us

To Triumph without weapons
That´s what I have on mind
I can see the way we´ll go
From arms and guns to bread and peace
They make you kill yourself
To kill innocent life
They won´t tell you the truth
Cause the truth´s too hard to stand

Refr.: There´s no time...

Now let us stand unique
We put down our weapons
we´ll all stand up for peace
Show them we all stand as one
That will fight poverty
Egoism war and crying
Fanatism has to leave
Peace will win
and we´ll be free

Letra e Musica : Luis Filipe Batista / ANA MALHOA Feat. ATLANTICOS

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